Online Training

Firearms Instruction
Private Investigators and Armed Security Officers Only

This course offers the 16 hours of instruction identified in Rules 509-3.10 and 509-3.11. These requirements are set by the Georgia Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies for the Private Detective Concealed Weapon's license and the Private Security Officer Exposed Weapon's license. Click here to review Rule 509-3-.02
Georgia Board recommended training includes:

Firearms History
Firearms Safety
Cleaning and Maintenance
Weapons Nomenclature

Laws & Rules
Proper Handling and Storage
Weapons Liabilities
Weapons Fundamentals
Deadly Force
Gun Range Rules and Etiquette
Ammunition types and Uses

Cost $150.00 per attempt – You need an 80% to pass

Please contact us at 770.579.0188 for group classroom training (minimum of 15 students)

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In-Person Training

Firearms Re-Qualification for Private Investigators and Security Officers Only

The annual weapon re-qualification identified in Rule 509-4.01 required by the Georgia Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies. Click here to review Rule 509-4.01

Cost $75.00 per shooter for re-qualification
Date Please contact us by email or call 770.579.0188 for scheduling
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